Jun 01

Statement from the President and executive board

Dear Members,
Local 589 expressed their thanks to Local 600 for our generous donation to the Coalition. This coalition of unions is fighting the governors efforts to undermine collective bargaining. One of the recent issues with Governor Bakers plan is that it would give the newly formed control board the power to veto an arbitrators decision when we are negotiating our contract. When the union reaches an impasse with the authority we go to an arbitrator to settle the dispute for us fairly.  We understand that there is a risk that the arbitrators decision could not go in our favor. If the control board were to have this veto power It would render the reason to arbitrate pointless. The authority would essentially turn something that was fair and unbiased to giving themselves a house edge. We cannot allow this to happen.  Remember this is not just Local 589’s fight and that it will affect unions all over the commonwealth including local 600. These are our jobs we are fighting for too!
As was mentioned at the meeting there is still a lot more that needs to be done. Local 589 is looking for volunteers to do phone banking on Tuesdays & Thursdays at their office. If you have your own laptop could you please bring it with you because they only have 10 computers up there. If anybody would like to volunteer a little bit of time on either one of these days please call Local 600’s office at 617-269-5280 and we will make the arrangements with 589.
Please do not forget to call your State Representatives & State Senators ask them to support the tax payers protection law also known as the Pacheco bill.


In solidarity,

Executive Board Local 600


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